"I have known Margaret a number of years. She is passionate in her commitment to preserve our beach as "our beach". Her past and current position on our Planning and Zoning Board exemplifies her capability and service. Margaret's election to the Commission will be a great asset to our beach community " Ramona Novak Surf Crest Village.

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I am respectfully asking for your vote this November to the St. Augustine Beach Commission, Seat #4. My family and I love living in our wonderful relaxing beach community and participating in community events. I look forward to working with you, my neighbors, in creating and maintaining the vision for our community.


With my experience in management, finance, law, and budgeting, I am uniquely qualified to lead and ensure our vision for St. Augustine Beach is brought to life, which will strengthen and enhance the foundation of our community. It will help us prosper, and enrich our lives as neighbors for generations to follow. My focus is to maintain a balance of quality of life for all residents, businesses and our visitors.


With over 4 ½ years of combined service, I have been honored to serve on the St. Augustine Beach Planning and Zoning Board. I have also been a member of the St. Augustine Beach Visioning Committee. I enjoy participating in our local community events. Serving my community is my passion.

Professional & Experienced:

  • Mortgage Banking Vice President & Manager
  • Degrees: Accounting, Law, and Management Information Systems
  • Over 16 years experience; 12 years in North Carolina and more than 4½ years at St Augustine Beach (from November 2013), including being elected Vice Chairman.